District Cub Night Hike

Date: 22nd Nov 2021 Author: Adrianne Goron

Saturday night saw eight teams of six Cubs from Surrey Heath head to Lightwater Country Park, competing in the District Night Hike.

The Cubs set off in intervals of 15 minutes, with half of the teams heading clockwise around the route, and the other half heading anticlockwise.

They had maps and instructions on how to find their way, and the Cubs had to use their compass skills to work out bearings to make sure they didn’t get lost.

Throughout the route were four bases manned by some of our Leaders with different challenges for the teams to undertake by torchlight.

Base one tested their morse code skills (and put the idea of fish in chips for dinner in many people’s heads we’re sure), and base two saw them eat real bugs, as well as some interesting food combinations. Base three was all about tracking different animals footprints, and at base four the Cubs learnt how to make newspaper hats.

Each team were awarded points based on their teamwork, politeness, how well they did at each of the challenges, and how well they managed to navigate the course – not on how quickly they got around.

Once they got back to the hut there were cups of hot chocolate and biscuits waiting for them.

There were lots of smiley faces throughout the night, as all of the Cubs got stuck into the challenges and did themselves proud with their map reading skills.

In the end, it turned out to be a very close competition, with teams tied for second place and for third place!

The final results were:

1. 4th Frimley – 92 points

2. Lightwater Waingunga & Bisley Team 2 – 85 points

3. West End Team 1 & West End Team 2 – 83 points

4. West End Team 3 – 82 points

5. Bisley Team 1 & Lightwater Seeonee – 79 points

Congratulations to 4th Frimley on their win, the prize Shield will be heading to them soon.


This event couldn’t have happened without the amazing leaders and parents that helped make it possible – over 30 fantastic volunteers! From those looking after the young people and making sure they arrived safely at each base, to those running exciting challenges when they got there, to the bookers in, the intrepid marshals, the brilliant doorman, and the high-ranking chocolate dispenser – thank you so much to you all!

An extra special thanks go to Julie for organising this brilliant event, the Cubs had lots of fun!

Bring on next Year! And remember to check out the Gallery for more photos of the night!

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls