Surrey Heath Tree Wardens: Get Planting Initiative

Date: 2nd Aug 2021 Author: Adrianne Goron

Planting a single tree benefits the environment, wildlife, and community. But nurturing the growth of a tree, especially as a child, encourages something much greater! Get Planting with SHTWs is our way of cultivating a deeper connection with our natural environment, planting that seed of fascination with the world around us.

Why is tree planting important?

Trees are amazing. They provide food and shelter for our wildlife. They regulate soil nutrients which help us grow our food. They remove pollutants from our atmosphere and maintain water quality. They enrich biodiversity. The list goes on.

What threats do trees face?

Woodlands across the country face many threats today. Some are very new threats; some have existed for centuries.

  • Disease and pests
  • Pollution
  • Urban infringement
  • Unregulated development
  • Climate Change
  • Agriculture

How can I get involved?

Calling all children and grown-ups! Do you fancy getting your hands dirty?

Join our Get Planting initiative! We will walk you through how to locate a tree seed, plant, and care for its long-term growth.

Once your tree reaches a certain height, we invite you to plant it in our community together with our team of wardens.

Which trees can I plant?

We suggest you plant one of the following:

  • Beech
  • Horse Chestnut (Conkers)
  • Elder
  • Oak (Acorn)
  • Sweet Chestnut

What do I need?

We recommend the following:

  • Your chosen plant seed(s)
  • Plant pot (at least 10 cm tall) withdrainage holes at the bottom
  • Compost/soil
  • Strong stick for support
  • A few small stones

How do I plant my seed?

1. Place the stones at the base of the pot and fill the pot 2 cm from the top with compost

2. Plant the seeds approximately 2cm deep, pat down the overlaying soil/compost

3. Water! Ensure the seed receives plenty of water to sustain its growth

In the face of Climate Change, a young forest removes more carbon dioxide than when they are fully grown. So, we need to get planting!

800 UK ancient woodlands are currently threatened with at least partial deforestation

(Source: Woodland Trust, January 2020)

What do I do next?

Every week check your tree to ensure the soil has not dried out. However, be careful to not overwater!

Once your sapling has reached a height of at least 1 metre, which may take up to a year and a half, register on the SHTW website!

For further enquiries contact Jerry Brownlee:
For more information visit:

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Surrey Heath Tree Wardens

Planting your tree in the community!

We can then arrange for your very own tree to be planted in a local green space, to be agreed. Then you will be able to watch your tree grow and become a home for local wildlife and so much more!


Illustrations by Vicky Frost. Author by Issy Gould on behalf of Surrey Heath Tree Wardens. Autumn 2021

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